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The Team
Dominique Rivero, User Experience Designer
Ruiying Xu, User Experience Designer
Jingle is a mixed reality monkey bar. With interactive components, kids and parents play together to collaborate on changing the sound and pitch.
What we are doing?
In the future how can mixed reality enhance this experience of play in public spaces to explore the connection of music in a physical and digital reality within our communites.
Jingle X Park
Interactive playground that invisons the future of play for kids by combining music with public spaces. Blending physical components of a monkey bar with audio layers that can be added to create a musical symphony for communities.
Our solution
Monkey bars that will act as the main component of determining the musics tempo.

Music components that users can use to add onto the monkey bar to create added sounds and adjusments of pitch.

Activating components

Start from the first bar to activate the monkey bar, once completed depending on time will adjust the pitch of bass sound
Add components to hooks to add sounds
Play and interact with components in different ways to explore the pitch change
Climb the monkey bars in reverse order to reset audio
To deactivate unhook and put away components to turn off monkey bar sounds

Details of components

Process of building

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