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The Team
Dominique Rivero, UX Design Intern
Driving provides a complete independent travel experience for many riders, but those with disabilities don’t have the same opportunities as most people. 

As driving wasn’t created for audio/visual impairments it makes it harder for people with disabilities to drive, but with evolving technology how can we create a new identity for Dodge that focuses on accessibility.
Dodge is....
The American Muscle Car

Future of EV and Autonomous

Sound and Power Love
Why Accessibility?
Everyone should find it easy to drive, but those with disabilities don’t often have the same advantages as others. Even when it is so simple to just add a few accommodations for our drivers, we don’t, but as the world moves forward, we have to move forward as well.
Visual Impairments
Audio Impairments
Audio impairments cause drivers to heavily rely on their eyesight to gain a sense of their surroundings. As much as users try to enjoy their driving experience, it does come with risks when drivers cant hear or locate sounds in their surrounding areas.

Quotes from Qualitative Research

“I’ve just come to memorize where things are rather than trying to figure them out” - Interviewee 1
“At night it becomes very hard for me to read my car screen, so I just have to pull over” - Interviewee 2
“Its just to much work for me to drive, so I don’t”
- Interviewee 3

Currently Dodge’s color scheme is not accessible, but what is?

What can we do to make driving more accessible…


Journey Map
Before and After Accessibility

How does it work?

Near future vs Far future

We can take this idea of inclusivity much further in the future by integrating smart technology and AI to provide a complete and seamless experience for all.

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